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Seminar 2: Eye movements and Visual attention
Location: Liverpool Hope University
Date: 9th November 2022
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The second seminar will explore some of the influences on visual attention. These will include cognitive and oculomotor control, memory, search, and cultural variations on eye movement behaviour

North West Visual Cognition Group Workshop (2)
Liverpool Hope University
Hope Park Sports Room 106
November 9th 2022


09.30-10.00 Arrival, tea and coffee

10.00-10.15 Welcome

Professor Nick Donnelly, Liverpool Hope University

10.15-10.45 Dr Letizia Palumbo and Dr Neil Harrison, Liverpool Hope University Visual exploration mediates the influence of personality traits on
responses to artworks in an art gallery setting


10.45-11.15 Dr Tobiasz Trawiński, Liverpool Hope University
Cultural variation in eye movements during painting perception


11.15-11.45 Coffee and Research Discussion


Professor Dan Smith, Durham
University What can cognitive neuropsychology tell us about the role of the
oculomotor system in covert spatial attention?


12.30-13.00 Dr Tom Beesley, Lancaster University.
Eyetools: A set of tools for eye data processing, analysis and visualisation in R


13.00-14.00 Lunch and Research Discussion


Dr Paul Skarratt, University of Hull
Solving a looming puzzle in visual search


14.30-15.00 Dr Luc Boutsen, Aston University
Recognition memory and first impressions from faces with disfiguring features

15.00-15.30 Coffee and Research Discussion


Dr Soazig Casteau, Durham University
The relationship between spatial attention and oculomotor control:
evidence for a dissociation between involuntary and voluntary orienting


16.15-16.45 Dr Catherine Thompson, Liverpool Hope University
The influence of habit on the control of visual attention


16.45-17.00 Concluding Remarks

Professor Nick Donnelly, Liverpool Hope University


17.30-18.30 Pub
18.30+ Restaurant

Workshop 2: 9th Nov 2022 Full schedule

Workshop 2: 9th Nov 2022 Directions & Campus map

Seminar 3: Visual cognition and Spectatorship
Location: Media City - Salford University
Date: TBC
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The third seminar will explore factors that influence spectatorship across a number of domains. Spectatorship has not been studied extensively but an understanding of it is critical to developing models of how knowledge and expertise influence the way in which we represent the world. Current work will be presented on the exploration of cognition and eye movements during spectatorship of pictorial art, improving perception and visuomotor control in elite sport, and visual search during active and passive navigation through familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Seminar 4: Eye tracking: Applications
Location: Edge Hill University
Date: TBC
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The final seminar of the series will focus on the application of eye tracking to real-world situations with significant emphasis on methodological issues. Specifically, the work and discussions in this seminar will explore the use of eye tracking to improve performance, safety, health, and wellbeing. Presentations will include the use of eye tracking in medical diagnosis and security screening. The benefits of eye tracking for enhancing prosthesis-use will be explored, and work in the field of saccade diagnostics will be discussed.  

Previous Seminars

Seminar 1: Eye movements, Language, and Development
Location: University of Central Lancashire
5th July 2022
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This first seminar will mark the official launch of the North West Visual Cognition group and will be fully face-to-face. The selected presentations will illustrate one of the core principles of our group by focusing on the importance of investigating and explaining human behaviour using robust, scientific methodologies and psychological theory.


This first seminar will focus on how the use of eye tracking has informed the field of human language processing and development. In this seminar we will not only consider psychological processes associated with human language comprehension (reading, speech perception), but also how those processes develop with age.

North West Visual Cognition Group Workshop (1)
University of Central Lancashire
EIC Building Room 312
July 5th 2022


9.30-10.00 Welcome - Simon P. Liversedge, UCLan
10.00-10.30 Shihui Wu – Leicester University
10.30-11.00 Petar Atanasov – UCLan


11.00-12.00 Coffee and Research Discussion (Posters)

Monica Castelhano and Valerie Benson – Queen’s University/ UCLan


12.30-1.30 Lunch and Research Discussion (Posters)

Mahsa Barzy – Reading University

2.00-2.30 Christine Green and Simon Liversedge – UCLan
2.30-3.00 Ying Fu – Tianjin Normal University


3.00-4.00 Coffee and Research Discussion (Posters)

Henri Olkoniemi – University of Oulu
4.30-5.00 Sara Milledge – UCLan
5.00-5.30 Concluding Remarks



6.00-7.00 Twelve Tellers
7.00+ East-Z-East

Workshop 1: 5th July 2022 Full schedule and Abstracts